can I use this for connecting my new Imac (wireless) and my older Imac (wired) to the internet using DSL?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes you can. Both wired and wireless connections can be made at the same time and even if your old Mac uses the 802.11g standard and your new one uses 802.11n, they will both work to their full capabilities at the same time

  • You have ports in the back of the AirPort Extreme for "wired" internet access. You have a choice of either using the 4 ports in the back of the AEBS or connecting using wireless.

    We have used one for work with 15+ people using Windows XP/Vista based laptops to older mac to new macs all connecting at the same time.

    I changed out my Linksys router/wireless device for an AEBS. I have much smoother connections with it than I did with the Linksys. The guest network is fantastic. You make up a name for your guest network. If you have friend overs you can let the connect to that instead of your private network, its like having a guest house that is fully stocked with a bathroom. Your guest never really walk around the inside of your house (your private network in this case).