can i use these with the bose wave radio/cd player

BOSE Companion2 series II

BOSE Companion2 series II

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    Not sure why you would do that, but yes, you can. The Bose Wave Radio (I have one) has excellent, room-filling sound of its own, so I don't see the point in attaching external speakers to it. But perhaps you want to use a long cable to a second room?

    The Bose radio has "variable out" RCA jacks on the back, which means the external-speaker output is volume-controlled by the radio. These Companion 2 speakers have RCA inputs (as well as their own volume control), so a regular dual-RCA cable will connect them.

    Important note if you want to do this: you can NOT listen to both the radio's speakers and these external speakers at the same time. Once you attach cables to the its output, the Bose Wave Radio's own speakers turn off. This is much the same as plugging headphones into an iPod or the Companion 2 speakers – this overrides the built-in speakers. So again, I don't see why you would want to do this – kind of defeats the purpose of having a Wave Radio.