Can I use the Sensor alone and sync after a run with the Running app?

I am considering getting the Nike + iPod Sensor and have been running a few times a week using the Nike + Running app for a while now.

What I don't like is running with my iPhone 4S in my pocket (worried it might fall out), so am wondering whether I could leave the iPhone at home and the Sensor is enough to collect data from the run? Then I can sync up after the run to analyse pace etc.

Not sure if this is possible based on other comments/reviews online - the guy at the Apple store wasn't entirely sure either.

I'd then buy an iPod shuffle for £40 with just my running playlists on and feel much more at ease!


Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    Hi there, you'll need to have a device with you, the sensor can't work on it's own. Plus, you'll get updates as you run on your progress.