Can I use the iPad 2 docking station to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor (HDMI) while also charging the iPad 2?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    First of all, iPad is a touch device, so, no mouse. The only keyboards compatible with the iPad are the one integrated into docking stations (they had that for the iPad 1, not sure about iPad 2 and since the form factor changed, not compatible), and the wireless keyboard via bluetooth. I guess, most other 3rd party bluetooth keyboards will work as well supporting the ASCII keys. You can use the HDMI output for the iPad but you cannot charge at the same time. The iPad is not a laptop and what you suggest here is using it as one. If you want to have the iPad on a big screen, either use an Apple TV via AirPlay, or the connector kit via HDMI adapter kit. When using AirPlay, you can charge at the same time.

  • Not true about the keyboards...bluetooth keyboards will work with the ipads...