Can I use the dock w/ an iPad 2 to run it off the AC adapter and at the same time, use the camera connector kit?

Basically, since I have not seen the physical dock, can you be running the iPad off AC by placing it in the dock, and at the same time, plug in the camera connector kit??? W/out a dock, you can only plug in "1" of the above at a time. I would like to plug in BOTH.

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Yes, the dock has a 30-pin connector on the back. You would dock the iPad and plug the camera connector into the back of the dock.

  • The docks are usually only splitting off the audio out for speakers/HiFi. The dock actually loops the normal connector for all other applications such as connecting it to a wall mount or a Mac/PC. In other words, you could plug in your camera connector but you cannot charge at the same time I guess that makes sense to browse the pictures.