Can I use the 3rd generation usb cable to charge the 2nd generation shuffle?

Apple iPod shuffle Dock

Apple iPod shuffle Dock

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    They are not compatible, but I do not understand why. It looks like they should be and obviously looks are deceiving.

  • In a word... Yes, but you will not be able to Sync. Here's why, even though both second and third gen shuffles appear to share the same cable configuration (1/8" TRRS on one end and USB connector on the other), they are two entirely different critters. The difference is in the 2nd gen dock. The 2nd gen dock has small circuit board located inside the docking station. The 2nd gen IPOD is external USB support, 3rd gen IPOD is internal USB support.

  • the answer is no.. i have ipod shuffle 2nd gen and 3rd gen, but when i used my 3rd gen cable to charge my 2nd gen shuffle it wont work at all.. i dont understand why apply develops their device in same category but different accessory..

  • You can use the cable to charge your shuffle, but not to sync it. So if you're happy with the music there and never want to change it again and have a wall adapter, the G3 cord works well. But if you want to be able to change the music, I don't think the G3 cord will do what you want.