Can I use it on a tv? -That has a USB port.

XtremeMac Tango bar USB Powered Speaker

XtremeMac Tango bar USB Powered Speaker

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    Use the USB out from the TV (or a separate usb plug like the iPhone plug) to power the Tango Speaker bar.

    Buy a 3.5mm male to male stereo cable (as there is not one in the box) and plug one end into the TV's headphone out & the other end into the Tango's line in.

    Turn the volume all the way up on the Tango.

    When you turn on the TV, the speaker will power up, & when you adjust or mute the volume via the TV remote, the volume will change. Same with balance, treble & bass.

    Very good sound for a simple non AV set up. But can add a separate Sub if you wish, but this would need power from elsewhere.

  • thank you, that answers my question.

  • Potentially yes, but you would need a component audio output and cable to normal audio line out; I'm getting this to connect to my smartphone, iPad, iPod etc. Keep in mind if you stream out your audio that way though it would substitute your tv's internal speaker output, and isn't possible at all if your tv only takes component input without a separate component output port. Some tv's offer a normal audio line out port directly so you don't need to rely on a component cable adapter, which would only cover the red and white colors, not yellow which is the video part, though the line out ports if present and component type would include video out as an option along with the red and white for audio. If all else fails, take pictures of your ports and visit the local electronics store to show a clerk and he can let you know definitively whether it's possible. One of the pictures here features a similar picture of it's own ports so it should be straightforward to compare and judge compatibility.