Can I use a Windows XP system to configure airport extreme using a direct (not wifi) connection?

I cannot configure my airport extreme using my ibook because it is running OS X v4 (incompatible with the configuration software). Can I do the configuration with a Windows XP based computer using a direct connection of some sort -- I think the XP computer is compatible with the software but it is not set up for wireless.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • Yes, many do setup their new Extreme in this manner. Windows XP (SP3) is required for this most recent Extreme model, MC340LL/A.

    You would first install to your Windows computer the software from the included CD. Then connect an Ethernet cable (not included) from your Windows computer to one of the Extreme's Ethernet LAN ports. If you'll be using the internet, also connect an Ethernet cable (not included) from your internet service gateway or modem to the one Ethernet WAN port on the Extreme. If also connecting a printer, scanner, etc, go ahead and connect its USB cable (or hub) or Ethernet cable (or switch).

    Finally, connect the power cable and use the newly installed AirPort Utility for Windows to setup your network.