Can I use a lightning to 30 pin adapter to use the iPhone 5s

Philips DC390 Dual Dock Clock Radio with Remote

Philips DC390 Dual Dock Clock Radio with Remote

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    I also had to buy two of the 30-pin adapters, but now both the iPhone 5 and iPad stand too high up, so I have to support them with something firm behind them, like a piece of cardboard. Tacky, but cheaper than buying a new radio.

  • YES, most definitely!!! We purchased the iPhone 5's when they first came out, and at the time, BOTH Verizon and Best Buy recommended (almost insisted) that we ONLY purchase the APPLE Lightning to 30-pin adapters to use with this Phillips Clock Radio and our other iHome units. The Apple adapters are more expensive, as were the iPhones, so didn't wish to "chance it", and glad we didn't, as the adapters work brilliantly!