Can I upgrade from Logic 7 using this?

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    Yes it will upgrade from 7.0.0/ 7.2.0 as I have it running along side it, what I found was that it overwrote quite a few of the files but can still use 7.2.0 and it corresponding files and use 8.2.0 and 9.0.0. All of mine are the PRO versions of the previous ones and I kept the old ones running so I could keep on working whilst I got used to the new system.
    You can also select what parts of of Logic 8/9 to activate or upload and the new version of Garage band 5 works very well with logic as a sketch pad for on the fly ideas. All Garage Band instruments work with Logic from 7.2.0 without issues.

  • what do you mean by overwrote some files
    can i open my logic 7 projects in logic 9?