can i transfer video files larger than 10 gigs from a mac to a pc using this drive

Western Digital My Book for Mac

Western Digital My Book for Mac

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    Any drive can be formatted as one of 3 main file system options:
    (a) FAT32 (MS-DOS) - Windows older format.
    (b) NTFS - Windows newer format.
    (c) HFS+ (Mac OS Extended, Journaled) - Mac format.

    On any Mac, by using Disk Utility app, any drive can be formatted for either (a) or (c). Using a Window machine you can format a drive for (a) or (b).

    File size issue:
    - FAT32 is limited to 4GB max file size.
    - NTFS or HFS+ can have files larger than 4GB.

    Reading/writing issue:
    - Mac OS X can only read NTFS, not write.
    - Windows cannot read or write HFS+.
    - Mac & Windows can read/write FAT32 (but with the above file size limitation, very apparent given modern HD video or databases file sizes).

    There are third-party programs for Mac OS X that add read/write capability for NTFS formatted drives. There are third party solutions for Windows that add read/write capability for HFS+.

    Usual advice:
    If you live in a Mac dominated environ, use HFS+, If Windows, use NTFS. If never using such large files, use FAT32.

    More specifically, in your case:
    - if moving files one way, Mac to Windows; use HFS+.
    - if moving files one way, Windows to Mac; use NTFS.
    - if moving files both ways, use either.
    But in ANY of these, you'll then have to use a third-party program, as mentioned.

    ...yes, it is a bit of a pain ;-)

  • If you format the drive using your PC to NTFS format, you shouldn't have a problem with both computers recognizing the drive. It may depend on how old your mac is, but mine hasn't had a problem reading my external NTFS drive nor any problems writing files.

  • You would have to format this Hard Drive for FAT or FAT32 file format (disk utilities, erase in your mac). Windows only reads NTFS files system and mac reads HFS+. So by formatting it to FAT32, it will allow both computer to read and write to this external hard drive.