Can I stack the time capsule with my mac mini?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You could place the mini on top of the time capsule. The mini has a smaller profile than the time capsule so they don't technically stack (it really depends upon your definition of stacked (i.e., perfectly aligned form factor/dimensions).

    Also, the chassis of the time capsule does throw a fair amount of heat so you'll want to have good ventilation when placing the mini on top of the TC.

  • You can, but it's not advisible if you want your electronics and hard drive to survive beyond warranty and AppleCare coverage. One alternative is to mount the Time Capsule on the wall, thereby keeping it fairly close to the mini without either one being trapped.

  • While it's looks very pleasing to the eye, the 1TB version throws off just enough heat that I have reconsidered the thought of stacking my MacMini on top of it. The MacMini's ventilation is on the bottom, and heat from the TC rises and causes the Mini's fans to come on quite a bit more often than when it wasn't previously stacked on top. It looks just as sexy with a shelf in between both units.