Can I set up multiMac backup, and keep my stereo connection with AP Express (a great product)...?

Mac Pro, iMac 24 and MacBook Pro (Intel) and Powerbook (2003), Cable Modem ethernet to AirPort Express with optical Digital to home stereo. It sounds terrific. I want to keep internet and the stereo input, but add a multiMac, automatic, reliable wireless backup system. Can I use Time Capsule and Airport Express together? How...exactly? Thanks!

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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  • Yes, I have AP Express running for my stereo wireless. I also have MacBook Pro, iBook G4, Mac Mini all backing up on my Time Capsule. The back up can slow your computer down. The Back ups happen hourly. But can cancel a Back up in progress at anytime. My Time Capsule is wirelessly connected to the network using a Modem and router (not a Apple product), from my DLS service as well as using an USB Hub for 2 printers so I can print from any computer to the printers located in my Office. I do not have to hook the printers to my computers with a cable.