Can I put these speakers (attached at bottom) in my purse (separate Compartment). Will they wipe out credit card, cell, iPod?

I am using the iPod and Speakers for a Speech Program (Proloquo2Go) only. I have no voice. I am concerned that if I put the speakers in the front, separate zippered pocket of my purse, and have my wallet, cell phone, iPod in the center, zippered compartment, that the magnetic field from the speakers will wipe out my credit card, cell & iPod.

This question is coming from a former engineer. I have the speakers, small, and attached at the bottom for my use and in the black cloth case. I had them outside another purse, but they were swinging everywhere. I bought a new purse with a big front pocket that they will fit into with a lot of room to spare. I am just concerned about the other items in my purse which are sensitive to magnets. If yes, is there anything I can use to isolate the magentic field, that is not "heavy"?

I need an answer FAST. I need to take these everywhere to SPEAK for ME.

Thanks, Mary

iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers

iHome iHM79 Rechargeable Mini Speakers

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    These speakers have some pretty powerful magnets that are used to connect them to each other. I think putting them right next to credit cards or other magnetically sensitive materials could be risky.

  • I would keep them away from bank cards for anything with a magnetic stripe. The magnets are quite small but if they came in direct contact with a mag stripe on a bank or security card, they will wipe it.