Can I put a Oyster bus card or in Montreal, a Opus card in this case, right next to the iPhone. could there be magnetic problems? Or whatever?

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 5

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 5

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    I am assuming, you are talking about a "contactless" card?!
    These cards are powered through an electromagnetic field at 14 MHz (see ISO 14443).

    The metallic (aluminum) back of the iphone 5 definitely interferes with this field (somewhat simplified: it absorbs energy from the electromagnetic field). As a result your card will most likely not receive enough remaining energy to work if it is fully pushed into the card slot of the case.

    I have tried it out with my company badge and it didn't work when it was fully inserted. I had to push it out so it came off the top of the phone about half an inch.
    But you must be aware that these results highly depend on the quality of the card reader (which delivers "the energy") - and the antenna design and the chip in your card).

    Bottom line: you will have problems (either more or less).