Can i plug my USB keyboard into it? Or my Mighty mouse through the keyboard?

I want to be able to use my keyboard to type emails, notes, or on safari...

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Product No Longer Available

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    With iOS 4 Apple allows you to pair almost any Bluetooth external keyboard with your iOS device, including iPhone. The Apple Bluetooth keyboard works really well with hot key support. the volume hot keys work, the playback controls instantly play your iPod app's music, etc. the CD eject button toggles your onscreen keyboard on or off. It works really really well for safari and emails and notes or any text input.

  • No, the iPhone 4 dock ONLY provides access to the Apple Dock port, for syncing and charging. There is also a line out port for connecting speakers to the dock. But no, you cannot plug extra devices in.

  • No. This dock is only designed to hold the iPhone and connect via one of the back connections.
    It supplies a 30 pin dock connector for audio, video, syncing or charging. There is also an an audio port for speakers or headphones.