can i plug it n while in the sleeve?

i want to know if this can plug in while i am using it.

Thule MacBook Pro Sleeve - Black

Thule MacBook Pro Sleeve - Black

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    Defiantly. My MacBook Pro lives in its Thule sleeve. I have one of the newer power adapters with the sideways plug (it might be a slight issue with the old straight style plug). I usually plug it in so the cord points to the front, but it easily fits either direction. I have of course tripped on my cord a few times unplugging it, and the side support doesn't get in the way of the plug coming off

    The side supports on the sleeve do block the firewire and thunderbolt ports. But as it is flexible, it shouldn't be a problem (and I NEVER use these anyways). On the other side it is more annoying as it blocks the dvd slot. That is the only time (other than cleaning) my mac gets lifted out of the sleeve. The sleeve protects so well this is only a minor issue and well worth the trouble.

  • You can as long as you open the zipper near the power charge port, however, it's a little tricky because the port sits down in the case and the case is not really flexible.