Can I plug in two DVI monitors and get full resolution @ 60 Hz (each at different native resolutions/2x EDID) using a DVI-d splitter? (Macbook Pro)

Connecting two monitors with this adapter on Macbook Pro. Preferably DVI over VGA.

Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

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    I believe that in order to do this, you would want the Matrox DualHead2Go DisplayPort edition.

    They have many variations right now, but there is one with a DisplayPort input, and 2x DVI outputs. This would do what you want.

    There is also a 1x DVI to 2x DVI model, which you could use with a mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter. Should be pretty similar. I don't think you would be able to tell a difference on screen from the DisplayPort model (as they are both digital), just different cabling.