can i plug in real instruments

what kind of extras other than midi controller keys would i need to plug my guitar into so i can live record?

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QA Logic Studio

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    You don't want to plug a guitar directly into the line input on your Mac or you will experience less than desirable quality and noticeable latency (the lag between hitting a note and hearing it in Logic).

    An external audio interface is the best approach. The Apogee Duet Firewire Interface is one of the best in the intermediate price range. These are easy to find at pro audio shops or from the Apple store.

  • If you have an input jack, yes, directly into the Line-In. You can also connect a MIDI-USB or a USB-client device (i.e. a keyboard) into a USB port and initialize, manipulate, edit and record using it.
    For a guitar, you would either need a 1/4" going from the guitar out to a 1/4" to 1/8" double female adapter going into the Line-in port, an input to a MIDI-interface mixer board, a CAT5 from an effects pedal to the ethernet port or the internal mic for a dry recording. Many options with Mac, as always.