Can I place a external hard drive On time capsule when i fill it up??? Also will it continue to save as time machine??

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can not use multiple disks to enlarge the size of even a single designated Time Machine backup. (The thing about Time Machine is that it will eventually fill up any disk you choose as the backup disk, no matter how large a disk you choose - as the amount of space that will be used is simply a function of time.)

    You can, however, add an even larger USB external hard drive to your Time Capsule and switch your entire designated Time Machine backup disk to it instead of continuing to use the smaller disk that you've been using. Once the switch is completed, you could re-purpose the original (smaller) disk to a new task, such as backing up another (hopefully smaller) Mac.

    Or, if you've been backing up multiple Macs to a single Time Capsule disk, you can limit the number of Macs that are being backed up to each particular designated destination backup disk, so that each disk that is designated as a backup destination is always the proper 2.5 to 3 times as large as the total size of the Mac disks being backed up to it.

    Remember, you can add multiple external USB hard drives by connecting a self-powered USB hub to a Time Capsule. This can give you the ability to backup multiple Macs by designating one specific backup destination of sufficient size for each Mac being backed up.