Can I partition this into 3 volumes - storage, backup and time machine?

I'm considering getting this (and a new big iMac) as a replacement for my existing MacPro as there does not seem to be any updating now for MacPros.

PROMISE Pegasus R6 18TB (6 by 3TB) RAID System

PROMISE Pegasus R6 18TB (6 by 3TB) RAID System

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    On the older 12TB model, once the Pegasus was up and running, I made an active Time Machine partition, a partition for a Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) backup of my iMac 12,2, and a file storage partition with a folder containing Virtual Machines (VM's) of other machines in Parallels using the OS X Disk Utility. Another partition could be made for a backup of the storage partition, although I use an older eSATA RAID storage device off of the second iMac Thunderbolt port (with adapter) for backup storage so it's on another physical device in case of a device hardware failure. I don't own the 18TB model, so I can only infer it would work. I can say my VM's of Linux, Windows, and Windows Servers running off the Pegasus R6 12TB RAID device on a gigabit Ethernet work well. Thunderbolt delivers where speed is concerned. Having a RAID Array and knowing that a hard drive failure won't shut down the system adds peace of mind when traveling. I have had remote (offsite) reboots of the operating system using the OS X built-in VNC screen sharing randomly freeze on either the light blue or gray start-up screen. Random in this case means 1-2 times out of every 10 reboots. I added an Ethernet camera for viewing and multi-outlet Ethernet web power switch so that if overseas I can view and reboot the iMac or Pegasus R6 (or any other device) remotely by cycling the power at the outlet level if needed. My R6 is quite quiet as well. Overall, I am satisfied with my PROMISE Pegasus R6 12TB Array, and would recommend it to a friend.

  • Yes, you can !