Can I partition the HD

I have multiple computers (MacBook running 10.6, Laptop running Xp, Desktop running Vista and soon to come a iMac) so I need to partion the HD. Also, can Windows default back up to Time Capsule and if not is there alternative software.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You cannot partition Time Capsule's hard drive without taking it out and voiding the warranty.

    You do not need to partition Time Capsule's hard drive to back up multiple Macs using Time Machine.

    Windows does not support Universal applications, so it cannot run Time Machine; you'll have to use a third-party backup application and set it to back up to the Time Capsule. However, Apple recommends if you back up to the Time Capsule using Time Machine that you do not use it for anything else (including backing up non-Mac computers | backing up computers without using Time Machine) .