Can I pair two phones at one time?

We want to ditch our home phone and my wife and me would both have iPhones and we wanted a corded phone for the kids.

AltiGen iFusion SmartStation Dock for iPhone

AltiGen iFusion SmartStation Dock for iPhone

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    From what I could tell it would only allow 1 phone pairing at a time and if you pair your phone and you have a Bluetooth headset paired with the phone, you need to ensure the headset is off and not broadcasting while you are using iFusion.

    Another gotcha can be if you have your iPhone connected to your car and your wife or husband starts the car and your phone has a higher priority than theirs, you might loose the Bluetooth from the iFusion to the car.

    We have a BMW and it allows you to select which phone will take priority when you start the car so that if you want your phone to be the one it pairs with even if you have another paired phone in the car.

    Since our cars in the garage are close and within Bluetooth range, sometimes my phone will switch over to the car when my wife takes my car. Not all the time but certainly something to think about especially if you use for business a lot.