Can I move/transfer my I-Tunes from my Mac (OSX ver 10.4.11) to the Time Capsule and operate it as a program?

I want to be able to operate I-Tunes from the Time Capsule just as I currently do now, editing all info for songs, ratings, etc.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Have been running iTunes content from TC for a while now without any issues. Just copy over the iTunes folder to the TC from your HD, then go into iTunes pref and in the advanced tab change the location of your iTunes media folder.

    The only issue that's come up is having to reset the iTunes media folder location after software updates ... but it only takes a few seconds to sort. Have got into the habit of checking the location every time I start up iTunes, just in case ... though Apple is bound to sort out the bug at some point!