Can I make a backup of my TimeCapsule backup?

The issue I'm wanting to avoid is loss of data if I lose both the computer and the Time Capsule (i.e. fire or theft). So can I attach an external hd to the Time Capsule and set it to make backups of the Time Capsule backup. I would then rotate external hard drives, keeping one locked in a fireproof safe or off-site. Or is there another way to achieve this?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Since you can not Time Machine a Time Machine, you could not do this using Time Machine, but can easily use your Mac's Disk Utility "Restore" function to clone an exact copy onto an external HD.

    I would prefer to use Disk Utility "Restore" to clone a Mac's entire internal HD directly to a FireWire external, rather than use USB external - FireWire is MUCH faster if you have it on your computer (some Macs don't have FireWire).