Can I link 3 computers to share a hard drive as backup AND ditch my existing ISP-provider broadband router?

I'd like to link up three computers (all Mac of different age and spec) in a wireless manner so that (a) they all have access to the internet (b) I can transfer files between them (c) they share a central hard drive as backup (d) I can keep a couple of students living next door off my internet connection who occasionally try to access the internet via my broadband connection. If I could hardwire my old printer into this, that would be even better.

Can I do this with AirPort Extreme, and how could I configure this? At the moment, the wifi is set up so that each piece of equipment is linked to the router via Wifi or Ethernet cable, I wold prefer to replace the router and not to link AirPort Extreme via an Ethernet cable to the existing router. (and no, I don't understand most computer-related acronyms, sorry!)

ANY help wold be appreciated!


QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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