Can I hook up my external hard drive to the airport extreme and still have it as my time machine back up for my imac

  • Asked by Harry M from Fayetteville
  • Dec 12, 2009
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    YES... Search apples support forums.. Works great!!

    • Answered by Vincent N from Atglen
    • Dec 15, 2009
  • No. Although it was possible when first released, Apple has disabled this feature so as to not hurt their Time Capsule sales.

    • Answered by Roy C from Woodside
    • Dec 12, 2009

    It works well for some, not so well for some, and not at all for others.

    This forum will not let me post a link to the Apple Technical article, but here's how to find it:

    Go to (slash) support (slash) snowleopard. Select Time Machine, then Other Time Machine articles, then the one titled "Time Machine doesn't back up to AirPort Extreme AirPort Disks."

    If you have a problem with this configuration and call AppleCare, you'll get little help, if any.

    • Answered by James P from Clermont
    • Dec 22, 2009
  • Unreliable at best and unsupported by Apple.

    • Answered by Fred M from Buena Park
    • Jan 6, 2011
  • No For that you will need time capsule for that. time capsule starts at $299

    • Answered by M Z from Albany
    • May 10, 2010