Can I get at the recorded video files on my disk and use them for example in iDVD, or iMovie, or Final Cut Pro?

There are various reviews and comments that indicate you could use the EyeTV HD to "capture old VHS tapes and burn them to DVD" -- this would imply you could somehow get at the video to burn it -- but nowhere does it specifically say I can use the captured video with other apps.

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

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    Further research let me answer my own question: yes, but there are issues. The EyeTV software does have an "export" function that you can use to save a recording to a separate file. Some details are discussed in a youtube video (search for "The Cutting Room: Elgato Eyetv to Final Cut Pro") that goes over how to take video-game captures from EyeTV into Final Cut Pro. It seems that EyeTV supports export to many different video formats. The simplest and smallest export is to the H.264 format EyeTV uses. However, this format is NOT compatible with Final Cut Pro. Many other formats are much more bulky, or require a slow and lengthy rendering process, or both.