can i get an 8hr battery for the 15inch mac book pro aluminium

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

Product No Longer Available

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    No, there was only ever one battery that Apple made for the MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2008) (the one with the unibody case but still with a user-accessible battery), and this is the one. The 7 hour battery that appeared later with the MacBook Pro 15" (Mid 2009) is a different technology and isn't compatible.

  • I have a 15inch mac book pro in need of a new batter but I see 2 different batteries listed in your store. one is square shaped that looks like the one i have now and the other is rectangular shaped and aluminum. Could U please explain.

  • of course you can. buy the new macbook pro.

    otherwise, no.