Can I download other songs from my iTunes?

I got this as a birthday gift and before I open it I would like to know can I download other songs to sing?

Disney Spotlight Digital Wireless Mic + Karaoke App

Disney Spotlight Digital Wireless Mic + Karaoke App

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    There are a bunch of other Disney Songs that you can purchase through in-app purchases. All the in-app purchase songs have the scrolling lyrics and the vocals you can turn up and down. You can also sing along with song in your iTunes library. The iTunes songs don't have the scrolling lyrics, but the app does have a vocal suppression feature so you can 'turn down' the vocals and sing over the song.

  • The Disney offerings are REALLY limited - think a few songs each by Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, the Cheetah Girls, etc. Maybe this library will grow, but right now it is laughable - fewer than 30 songs total. No "classic" Disney hits from the movies, either. If your kids loves the Disney Channel shows, then it might be OK. You can download songs from iTunes, but there are no lyrics for these, so... not much of a karaoke for the kids.

  • Yes