can i connect two time capsule (1st & 2nd gen) on same network? Would a switch from my modem work to connect both TC?

Two Time Capsule Connection on Same Network through a switch

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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, you can.

    But assuming you already have a working wireless network, I'm not sure why you think a switch would be necessary. All that's needed to create such a "roaming network" (that will allow a wireless notebook, iPad, iPod, etc. to be carried during use, but stay connected without interruption) is to connect the second Time Capsule to the first with an Ethernet cable, from Ethernet LAN port to Ethernet LAN port, then use AirPort Utility to make settings:

    1. giving each TC a unique Base Station Name so that you can tell them apart

    2. giving each TC the same Wireless Network Name, same Wireless Security, and same Wireless Password

    3. setup each TC with a Radio Channel Selection of "Automatic" and to be in the Wireless Mode of "Create a wireless network." Since the "roaming network" is created by Ethernet cable instead of by wireless means, do not for either TC check the box "Allow this network to be extended" (this would need to be changed if in the future you were to further extend your network, but wirelessly)

    4. setup the added Time Capsule to have its Connection Sharing popup set to "Off (Bridge Mode)"

    For more detail, refer to the online 72-page Apple Support manual:
    Apple AirPort Networks Early 2009.pdf