can i connect playstation 2 to my i mac?

i would like to be able to run my sky cable tv and my playstation 2 through my iMac, basicaly using my imac screen as a flatscreen tv to save space, is this possible?

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

Product No Longer Available

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    See the Elgato Eye Tv Hybrid it will let ya do that

  • As the last person said, you can do this with the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid: you can connect analogue sources (like your PS2 or Sky Cable box) via composite input.

  • No

  • No. Nearly every port on Macs are output-only. As far as I know, Apple does not sell products that enable their screens to be used for anything other than displaying the computers contents. This converter works from the MiniDisplay Port and takes the signal already created by your Mac and pushes it to another display.