can I connect multiple Extremes with Cat5 to extend range

I'm trying to provide WiFi signal to our entire church. All areas, with the exception of the sanctuary, receive a signal from a central router; however, the sanctuary is enclosed by metal, and the WiFi signal will not penetrate. I've tried to extend the network into the sanctuary using an Airport Express, but we can't get enough signal. I would like to connect 2 or more Airport Extreme's with Cat5, with one of the Extreme's inside the sanctuary. Can this be done ???

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    yes this is exactly what you need to do. its a basic network layout. multiple access points hard wired together. in fact you don't need 2 extremes. if you can plug a cat 5 (or higher) cable into your current router just run that to a central point in the sanctuary and plug it into your extreme. you then set the extreme up in bridge mode. i.e. it will share the routers internet connection. set the wireless network name (SSID) on the extreme to be the same as the main router but choose a different channel number to the router preferably at the opposite end of the spectrum e.g. 1 and 11 so they don't interfere and away you go. of course it will be easier if your router is an apple product as well as you can just use the airport utility to set them both up - but no need to replace it as it seems to be working fine. i have this setup - old thick walled house +barn i have centrally located time capsule + 2xcat 5 cables 1 to one end of house 1 runs underground to the barn. both plugged into time capsule both end in an extreme - same SSID different channels - wifi everywhere.

    In fact there is no reason why you can't do it with your current express or at least give it a go. plug it in - in the sanctuary & run a cat5 cable to it from your router and do the same setup. only thing is it won't have as big a range as the extreme partly as plugged in the wall. the extreme can go ideally above head height in the middle of where you need it to be. (btw positioning can be very important)
    hope this helps.

  • Yes, this can be done. The second router needs to be set up manually and have DHCP turned off. You can also use an airport express if desired.

  • I'm not sure if this would help, but you can extend airport extremes via WiFi, i have two at my place and they work phenomenally. I would recommend putting the 2nd one right outside the sanctuary.