Can I connect a Bigpond wireless modem and share the internet connection? How?

I have a USB modem, and would like to share my internet connection with my other mac and i-touch. But it would appear that I can only connect a cable modem. Is this true?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    One option would be to use your mac's built in WiFi to create a wireless network and then share the internet out to the other devices.

    I cant remember the steps in detail but i seem to remember you first create the wireless network (there might be a wizard if you click on the wireless symbol), and then have to specifically tell the mac (in network connections) to share your usb internet connection over the WiFi. Make sure you set up some security (WEP/WAP whatever) - get someone to help if you cant do this.. could be expensive with BigPond if your neighbours are getting a free ride. Hope this helps!

  • I set up a computer to computer network and can now share everything! Thank you, very much.

  • Since Apple AirPort Base Stations can not function as either a gateway or modem, to use this base station to create a network an Ethernet cable must be connected from your gateway or modem to the Ethernet WAN port of the base station.

    Before connecting the base station, the computer that will setup and administer it must first meet the System Requirements, must have updated software, and must have the software installed from the included CD.