Can I connect 2 Airport Extremes and a Time Capsule to cover three areas of our home?

We currently have one Airport Extreme working flawlessly in the lower level of our home. Service is inconsistent in some areas of the home. I have purchased a second Airport Extreme for the main floor and want to use the 1TB Time Capsule to back up the iTunes Music and Photos and use it as an additional access point. Because of the design our our home, we need additional wireless support for our i Phones and as soon as the iPads become available in Canada.

Can you describe how to set them up and avoid potential conflicts?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Use AirPort Utility, set them up in the same room, then afterwards move them to their permanent locations. Set them to operate 5 channels apart from one another.

  • I would avoid using chains of wireless routers in bridge mode to extend coverage. I does work, I did it for years to avoid running wires through the house. The problem is that you lose speed with each bridge, and it may be a little complicated to set up.

    i would recommend using some hardwired method to connect your routers at different points in your house. i now use a powerline ethernet bridge to connect the to segments at either end of the house and each has it's own Airport. This is much faster and more trouble free. Extra added bonus, the Gigabit powerline ethernet standard has just been announced. That should make it a no brainer, as they say.

  • you could buy a few Airport expresses 9(as many as you need) and put them in repeater mode, some repeating others( each one repeating the wireless network/signal of the Airport Express before it.

  • Depending on the number of levels in home you would want to put the Time Capsule in the middle and preferably away from any walls or obstacle (i.e. Don't put the Capsue in your room but in close to the stairs or something so that there is marginal interference between the airports) Put the 2 extremes as far away from the capsule as possible and set them up using the airport utility.

    You should set them all up in the same place before separating them.

    Hope it helps