Can I configure an NAS to attach via ethernet to Time Capsule. Which suggested NAS if true. (I need lots of space for 'Camera Raw' photos)

Currently have a 1/2 TB Time Capsule on the local network. Rather than attach yet another USB storage device to this iMac, I'd like to attach a 2TB NAS (Network Access Storage) device via ethernet cable to the Time Capsule and have use the NAS to off-load photos from all the computers on our local network. This iMac is connected via ethernet to the Time Capsule. Any suggestions on how to make this happen including suggested NAS would be much appreciated.


QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Well, drives connected to the USB port on the TC are "automagically" networked. So you might save a few bucks by buying a RAID array without NAS functionality and hooking it to the TC's USB port. You not only save the money of the NAS functionality, you also avoid the NAS configuration and management hassles. Plus, there are not that many NAS devices that support AFP over the network and the Mac "likes" AFP better than windows-centric SMB filing protocol. So your NAS choices are limited. By hooking the disk array to the TC, you leverage the TC's configuration and AFP support.

    As for what to hook up to the TC's USB port, the Drobo and DroboPro come to mind (I think that they support hookup via USB).

    If you are settled upon a NAS device, though, then hooking it to one of the three network ports should work just fine. Those ports essentially act as a three-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch (plus the WAN port)