Can I calibrate the Nike Sensor on a treadmill instead of walking or running on a street?

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    To quote from the FAQ Section:

    A treadmill is not a good place to calibrate your Nike+ sensor. Calibrating on a treadmill may affect the accuracy of the sensor for several reasons, including additional treadmill surface movement, incline, and resistance. Your stride can also change when you run on a treadmill.

    Nike+ technology relies on a sensitive piezoelectric accelerometer that monitors your foot strike when you walk or run and determines the amount of time your foot spends on the ground; This contact time is directly related to your pace. So when you calibrate, you’re actually letting the software learn your typical walking and running gaits.

  • I have to disagree with EF. I use both on Treadmill and roadwork...The sensor has actually been more accurate than the treadmill...

    Also in the comments after you finish your run, you can indicate if you ran on a road, trail or treadmill.

    It is almost the best thing since sliced bread.


  • Yes absolutely. In some ways better on treadmill as can sync with machine displayed distance.