Can I boot from this and run Mac os X (10.6.8) and TechTool Pro on it to fix my desktop hard drive?

I've followed internet directions on how to install Mac OS X (10.6.8) on the hard drive and then used Carbon Copy Cloner (version 3.4.7) to make bootable backup. When I restart with the option key I do see the partition listed as a bootable drive but when I choose it it goes to the Grey apple screen with the "whirly-timer" and gets stuck in this. Any ideas?

Western Digital My Passport Studio Portable Hard Drive

Western Digital My Passport Studio Portable Hard Drive

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  • I recommend running DiskWarrior 4. You can install it on a laptop, then run the utility on your desktop HD by using Target Disk Mode. You can also wait for the DiskWarrior 4 DVD to arrive in the mail and boot to that. You might want to take your computer to the Apple Store Genius Bar if there is one around. To answer your question though, yes, it is certainly possible. There appears to a problem with the volume you are trying to boot to.