Can I back up "Parallels desktop" contents with time capsule?

I got an iMac and want to use with "Parallels Desktop" and run Windows programs.
Can I back up contents in Windows partition with Time Capsule and also
use it as Time Machine for iMac?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes I have my macbook air doing this. You have to be careful there is a setting in parallels that you have to tick regarding time capsule. Initially my macbook air was backing up 37Gb every time (which I think was my windows partition). Once I checked the setting in parallels relating to Timecapsule backups this went down to a more normal backup of a few meg each time. I haven't had to try to retrieve any data so I am presuming the timecapsule backups are working for the windows partition as well - it seems to be doing so.