Can I attach a 2TB drive via USB port on the TC to get the overflow from my 1TB TC?

I have a 1 TB Time Capsule. I want to increase the storage above 1TB. 2 TB drives are available via a few local retail stores. Will the overflow from TC go the the attached drive? And will I be able to access the data from TC?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Backups can't "span" two separate volumes.

    You can use Time Machine to back up only to the external HD, and use the internal for other things.

  • The internal storage in Time Capsule is completely independent of any additional drives you plug in to the USB port so you will not be able to configure it in the way you suggest. You could however set Time Machine to back up selected parts of your system and use a third party product to undertake incremental backups of the remainder to the external drive. I've never done this but can't see why it wouldn't work, but bear in mind that the third party backup will not have the same interface and features as Time Machine.