Can I Airplay without internet, and stream content from my macbook, ipad, iphone onto my HD TV?

I am located in Afghanistan, and I own a Macbook Pro late 2011, an iPad 3rd Genaeration, and an iPhone4s. I am wanting to stream product from each/all of these devices to my HD TV...I am interested in getting a device to airplay, like the Airplay Extreme, my only concern is that with limited internet(none), I will not be able to meet my goal of streaming all of my content untililzing the Airplay Extreme, I know that once I am back home I will not have any issues but...well I guess I dont want to wait that long, lol. I would love to purchase one now. So if you tell me that I can set up, lets say a stand alone internal network with all of my devices without Internet, I will definintely be buying one very soon. Thank You for your assistance.


QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    You need an apple TV along with a router with wireless (The Airport Extreme works Fine). Set up the ATV. It can be set up either wired ro wirelessly to the router. Connect your other iDevices to the same wireless router.

    That's it. If you have Mountain Lion, on the MBP you will be able to stream to the ATV, as well as every other iDevice will now be able to stream to the ATV.

    When you are at home, if you have ATV's on multiple TV's, when you go to stream, you will see every ATV on your network and you pick which device to stream to. Pretty cool.