Can I access wi-fi without an Ethernet cable??

I'm about to move into a share house that already has a wi-fi set up...can I connect to this wi-fi with the Extreme (connecting my printer, external HDD and a media tank to the extreme) or do I need to plug into the Ethernet directly?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Yes, the Extreme will have the same access as any other wireless computer or device.

  • You can extend the wifi network with the airport extreme using a wifi link. You would then have 2 wireless connections to make to the internet with your computer,ipad, etc.
    I think it would be faster if you only had one wireless connection between the airport extreme and the computer,ipad, etc. The ethernet cable can provide gigabit data speeds while the wireless is maybe in the range of 100 megabits per second depending upon the connection you can make.
    I have experienced some troubles with some brands of routers other than Apple's when extending the network. Some don't work well with Bonjour and you may need to manually provide an IP address for network printers.
    Good luck.