Can I access a wired device from a wireless device connected to an AirPort Extreme base station?

I have a network printer and a windows file server wired to the ethernet ports but am unable to access them from my macbook pro which is connected wirelessly. Can't even ping even though the AirPort Utility DHCP Clients log indicates that they've been assigned IP addresses.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Definitely. Make sure they are powered on. Make sure you are using the Extreme's main wireless network, as you can not use the "Guest" network to connect to those devices.

    I have two printers Ethernet-connected and they will print, simultaneously if I so choose, exactly what either one or two (or more) wireless computers tell them to print. I doubt there is any limit to their abilities, as one of mine is a multifunction and it will also scan, fax, or copy.

    To enable printing from your MBP, the printer must first be setup using the "Print & Fax" System Preference, which allows you to wirelessly discover, download and install to your MBP the latest software for your specific printer.

    Remember that you will want to access the devices through your Extreme's wireless network, not by attempting to use a separate "ad hoc" (direct) wireless connection between computer and each device.

    It's possible you might have setup an access restriction by MAC id # in AirPort Utility, or chose to hide your SSID or to operate in "stealth" mode. These would not be necessary or desirable as long as your wireless network is already password protected.

    As a last resort, try opening AirPort Utility, select "Manual Setup," then in the UPPER Menu Bar of your entire display open the "Base Station" menu and at the bottom of that list select "Add Wireless Clients..." and follow the directions (click the question mark icon for more info) to connect your printer. I'm sure if you can get that far, you will also be able to find a solution for connecting the file server (with which I have no experience).