can dr3 reformat a drive that won't mount!

I am trying to reformat a drive that was recovered but will not mount or dismount properly!

ProSoft Data Rescue 3

ProSoft Data Rescue 3

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  • DR3 is not a formatting tool, try "Disk Utility" in your System Preferences menu.
    If a drive is not mounting on your desktop there is a good chance it will still show up in Disk Utility.
    Click on the drive in the left corner and choose your preferred format.

    If you would still like to recover the drive try to keep the same format s it was when you got it then run a recovery.
    If the drive is not showing at all in the "Disk Utility" then it may be broken beyond repair

    If its a a mac formatted drive you can try "Disk Warrior"

    Hope this Helps :)