Can anyone comment on Extreme's compatability with Windows 7?

I'm running a mixed evironment, Mac with OS 10.5 and just installed Windows 7. no problem with wireless at home using current set-up, but I've been meaning to upgrade my router to get better signal coverage than my 3-year old Belkin.

Can anyone comment about their use of Extreme and Windows 7, or even more to the point, Windows 7 and a Mac on the same network? Thanks

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Well, I've answered my own question. I've had the Airport for two weeks and had no difficulty running Win7 or Mac OS. Set up was relatively easy. Believe it or not, Airport needed no tweaks with Win7 whereas with Mac OS I had to switch to WPA (learned this after calling AppleCare for support).

    Thanks to everyone who replied.

  • I originally had a challenge wirelessly connecting to Extreme with the following symptoms: My PC/Laptop could see the home network I wanted to access through Extreme, but when I entered my password my PC and Extreme couldn't complete the connection.

    After some experimentation, I finally stumbled on a solution, namely that changing my home netowrks security standard to WPA from WPA2 solved the problem.

  • It worked just fine for me on Vista.

    Now I have W7 and it can't find the router through the Airport App.

    I had it set up on Vista so now that I know my network passwords I can connect to it and use the internet, but I can't print, use networked HDDs and change its settings.

    Looking on forums, I found some people claiming that when u install 7, the automatic Windows updates mess things up. Idk if that's true.

    Bottom line - this can't be set up in W7 and it can't do more than be a router with W7.

    Side note: This doesn't work with NTFS external HDDs. Only FAT32 and apple formatted, so good luck with it on Windows. Complete rip-off and false advertising for Windows users.

  • To be clear, this is an excellent router and Windows 7 has no problem connecting to it. However, there is not currently support for the USB hard drive and printer functions on Windows 7 -- which is why you see this operating system excluded from the tech specs on Apple's website.

    While I do wish this was more explicitly stated, there are some unfriendly workarounds. Hopefully in the next firmware update, Windows 7 support will be extended to the hard drive and printer sharing functionality.

  • Works great for me with Win 7 and Imac 5 computers networked :)