Can alerts be sent/audio be heard when I'm using another app/email? Like how iTunes plays even upon exiting?

I work from home and primarily use my iPhone for EVERYTHING. If I'm emailing/texting/on FB/using any other app for any reason I have noticed that the alerts are not sent and I can't hear the audio feed. I get all my work done while my son is napping throughout the day and based on what I have encountered so far, this product might be getting returned. Is there a setting I am missing? Already set up the app settings in general settings. I just want it to run in the background like iTunes does!!!!

iBaby Monitor

iBaby Monitor

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    The other answer to this question is WRONG!!! The answer is YES you can!! It will NOT be an iPhone alert BUT you can set the camera to email you when the alert is triggered! I recommend using a account (easy to set up and easy to integrate into your smartphone device).

    The ONLY way to do this is to connect to your camera from your favorite web browser and configure it that way (Tab: Alarm - select "Send Mail on alarm") and then click on the Email Settings button to configure what email address to send the alarm to.

    IF you have PUSH email notifications on your phone - you will be "alerted" instantly!!!

  • This app does not run in the background.