Can a Powerline Adaptor be used to extend a network with Airport Extreme/Time Capsule?

My house is very large and the rooms do not adjoin (to get from one room to another there is outside wall/open air/outside wall). As such it is very hard to get a wifi signal throughout.

I have tried a succession of Airport Extreme/Express etc. but to no avail. I finally found a location in the house where the Base station will reach all but one room on a floor. So have placed a Time Capsule at one end of the house that reaches all but one room upstairs and an Airport Extreme at the other end that reaches all but one room. Each Base unit covers the room above/below that the other is missing. However they cannot see each other so I cannot share my iTunes around the house. I tried an Airport Express in between but it was ridiculously slow.

So I am thinking of using a Powerline Adapter as follows

Internet/iTunes(iMac) -> Time Capsule -> Powerline Adapter (upstairs)

then Powerline Adapter -> Airport Extreme (downstairs) to extend the network

Would this work?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    I was able to use two Netgear Powerline adapters with my wireless network. I have an Airport Extreme base station with the first Powerline adapter hooked up to it. I then set up an Aiport Express upstairs connected to the second Powerline adapter. At first it wouldn't work so I did some research. I found out by using Airport utility 5.6 (not 6.0) I changed the Airport Express to a wireless access point. Make sure you use the same network setting as on your Base station router and you should be fine. Mine works perfect. I have an old Windows Vista PC hard wired to the Airport Express and it gets 40 megabits download and 19 megabits upload.

  • Based on what I've just finished doing it should be possible. I have Virgin Superhub --> Belkin Powerline downstairs --> through wiring --> Belkin Powerline upstairs --> Time Capsule.

    I got the Time Capsule to set up a new network but gave it the same name and security as the original network supplied by the Superhub. Switch off DCHP on the capsule and pop it into bridge mode and still let the Superhub deal with supplying IP addresses.

    It took a bit of playing around and powering things down and powering them back up in a specific order (Superhub/Capsule/Anything Else) but now I can walk from one end of the house to another and still keep a decent wifi signal where before I used to have areas with none.

    Only thing which may stop it is your wiring - depending on how your house is wired the plugs may not work but there is very little you can do about that. If you are worried about speed on them I have tested the plugs, wireless and running a huge amount of Cat6 through the house and they are all pretty much the same speed. Based on security and aesthetics the plugs won!

    Hope this helps.

  • As you mentioned "Extending" the network wirelessly will only slow down the performance of your network in the extended areas. Therefore the only real option is to extend your network with a hardline (Ethernet Connection).

    Unfortunately your only two options are to move to a different home, or run those silly blue cords throughout the house.

    Good Luck!