Burning DVD's & CD's on Macbook Pro Retina

I am about to purchase a macbook pro and am wondering about creating CD's and DVD's. I know that I need an external superdrive with the retina display. Is this all I need to be able to create and burn a DVD or a CD as I will have to do this as part of my job.


Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive

Product No Longer Available

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    Apple has discontinued iDVD with iLIFE. You will have to purchase third party software.

    For the premium price we pay for macs, I would expect them to include the basic software.

  • Depends what you mean by "create DVD's or CD's" - The MacBook Pro with Retina Display comes with inbuilt software to let you do the basic functions (for example, burn music to a CD from iTunes, or iDVD, which lets you create DVD's from certain video files on your Mac) - for more complicated operations, such as copying DVD's or CD's, you will need additional software like Toast.

  • yes, it is all you need to create your CDs and DVDs. to do that, you can use the Mac OS' disk burning facility, iTunes' burning option (if you wanna create MP3s, for example). you cannot write / burn Blu-Ray disks, though, as it doesn't support them.