Best Imac for the money that fully supports logic

i want to purchase logic studio and i want the best bang for the buck on the computer.
upgradeable, etc. It seems like imac could be it. what do you recommend?

Thanks for your help.

  • Asked by Kathy G
  • Oct 31, 2009
QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    Hi KG.

    Well, iMacs are good computers. I run Pro Tools LE 8 on my 2.8GHz Core Duo ( an older model ) with 4GB RAM without _many_ issues.

    The main caveat is that iMacs are essentially not upgradeable excepting RAM ( which would need to be installed in matching pairs -- in other words if you get a computer with 4GB RAM in a 2x2 GB pair configuration, and you want to upgrade ( with 4 slots ) ... you will only be able to add 2GB-sized memory for the addt'l slots ( although DDR3 is a spec i am not entirely familiar with )

    With iMac, realize you WILL have a great system but will NOT be able to run many DSP-based plugin software programs that require PCI-e card slots or the equivalent.

    As far as which model, I personally would go for 8GB of RAM in the 2x4GB configuration with the i5 ( don't really need the i7 unless you have the cash ) AND a 27" screen definitely... DAW work requires a LOT of space.

    Good Luck! iMacs have treated me well so I think they may be fine

    • Answered by James J from Charlotte
    • Nov 9, 2009