Battery/power life?

Hi. I have three questions:

1. What is the range of hours one pair of batteries would last for this keyboard (given that it would naturally vary upon the amount of usage)?

2. Is there any way to plug the keyboard directly into an outlet/power source?

3. How much warning (if the keyboard is in constant use) does the 'low battery' light (assuming that there is one) give?

Thank you in advance!

PS (Sorry) Am I correct in assuming that the wireless connection of this keyboard is sufficiently secure to prevent a nearby computer/ipad/etc. from picking up, intentionally or accidentally, what I am writing?
Thank you again!

HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard

HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard

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    1) 3000 Hours of standby and 90 hours of continuous operation
    2) The keyboard only works of batteries
    3) The Power Warning light flashes when batteries need to be replaced